About us

Paul McCartney - Damian
George Harrison - Marc
Ringo Starr - Jason
John Lennon - Teddy

Hello, we are The Bestbeat – a premium Beatles tribute band from Serbia. We have been named one of the best tribute bands in the world in 2012. by a bestselling US magazine “Newsweek”. We are known for our attention to details – we dress up in costumes of different eras, we use the exact instruments from the original recordings, and every member sings and plays original melodies and harmonies of the Beatle they are portraying.

We offer a range of performance options: a five-member band, including a keyboard player, or a symphonic orchestra ensemble with 16 to 32 members, which represents our highest-quality product.

The Bestbeat was originally formed in 2005 by Damjan Dasic, Marko Calic and Aleksandar Erakovic in Belgrade. We formed the band in hopes of reminding their audience of the greatest band of the 20th century. From the very beginning, the band was passionate to keep the memory of the Liverpool’s four, as faithful and authentic as they considered possible, therefore, The Bestbeat is one of the few Beatles tribute bands that has a left-handed bass player. 

Our dedication to details goes above and beyond: we use the exact same instruments The Beatles themselves used, wear custom-made Beatles costumes and wigs, and we try to recreate the entire timeline of The Beatles’ music during a single performance. Therefore, each member of the band inhabits their role for the full duration of each concert (sometimes even longer).

The Bestbeat has performed in more than 15 countries across the Europe, but our proudest moment was performing in Liverpool at Beatle Week 2014, in all the same old places the Beatles themselves had played 50 years ago, most notably – The Cavern Club (Liverpool). But not to leave out some of the Europe’s biggest concert halls like: Palais des Sports (Paris), Lille Grand Palais (Lille), Amphithéâtre 3000 (Lyon), Brest Arena (Brest), etc.

In 2021, we started a new chapter – The Symphony Project. We decided to dive deeper into the pool of emotion, and start a new and exciting project by joining forces with a symphonic orchestra. The feeling of playing Yesterday and The Long and Winding Road with two sections of violins backing you up, or playing She’s Leaving Home alongside a harp is beyond words. We finally found a way to perform The Beatles music in the exact way the Fab Four and their producer George Martin intended. The authenticity and excitement that these classical music instruments are giving to our performances are absolutely unmeasured.

The show is suitable for all venues and audiences, and we will make everyone feel like they travelled through time – right into a 60’s show! A single show covers all of the different eras of The Beatles music, each set played with different instruments and in different costumes.

     OUR SETS:

  • Ed Sullivan set – The first era of The Beatles, black and white suits
  • Shea Stadium set – The second era, recreation of their Shea Stadium performance
  • Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band set – The shiny and colorful costumes of the one of the most groundbreaking albums ever made
  • Abbey Road set – The famous zebra costumes

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